Library facilities are open to those with UCSF ID, though selected spaces remain closed with services available remotely. See timeline for reopening.

Food and Drink Policy

Due to COVID-19, the campus-wide policy about food, drink, and masks supercedes our usual policy.

Allowed with some exceptions

  • Covered drinks are welcome in the library
  • Messy, odorous or greasy foods (e.g. ice cream, soup, pizza, burritos, etc.) are not allowed
  • Food is not allowed in the Parnassus Library 5th Floor Quiet Study Room
  • Please do not eat food when using library materials
  • Clean up: dispose of trash appropriately, clean off crumbs and keep tables clean for other library users, and report any overflowing trash bins
  • Accidents can happen. If you spill food or drink on a book or journal, please bring it to the service desk as soon as possible. You will not be charged for damages.
  • The UCSF Library reserves the right to ask a patron to remove their food and drink from the library