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Brought to Light

Stories from UCSF Archives & Special Collections

Discussion and updates about the interesting and unique documents and items from our collections.

This is a guest post by Allen Smoot, UCSF Archives Intern. As an intern for the UCSF Archives, I’ve been working on digitized state medical society journals and tobacco control collections. At UCSF, the Archives and the Industry Documents Library both house immense collections of tobacco-...


Creating Tomorrow's CLE

Updates, best practices and resources on content creation for the CLE

Did you know that forums can be used for many different types of learning activities? Sure forums can be used to get students communicating and interacting via postings, but they can also start meaningful discussions to help students grasp new concepts and engage with their course work. With a...

In Plain Sight

Ways to access, manage, and publish your information

Searching and citation management tips and educational insights for faculty, researchers, clinicians, and students.

      The PDF viewer and annotator built into EndNote x7.7 (the latest version) does not work with MacOS 10.12 (Sierra). Hopefully this will be corrected soon. As EndNote is just about to come out with a major upgrade (EndNote X8) in November 2016 I suspect we will have to wait...


Tips for your mobile life and work

Tips, reviews, and commentary on mobile apps and devices in higher education and health sciences.

How worried should I be about my privacy?  While this question is not yet keeping me up at night, it’s been on my mind more in the past year than ever before. Privacy online, over email, and in a social media context is one thing, but what about the privacy of my personal communications say over...

News from the UCSF Industry Documents Library

The 2009 US Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act prohibited candy, fruit, alcohol and spice flavors in cigarettes, as flavors make cigarettes easier to smoke and increase youth appeal…but smokeless tobacco was not included in this regulation. The authors analyzed tobacco...

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