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Appropriate Use of UCSF Licensed Electronic Resources

Access, use, and reproduction of the majority of electronic resources made available through the UCSF Library are governed by license agreements between the University and publishers or vendors. The UCSF campus community members must make reasonable and good faith efforts to comply with these license agreements.

Users of licensed electronic resources shall:

  • Limit use to non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes
  • Not facilitate unauthorized access by others (i.e. do not share your network username and password)
Allowed Prohibited
Printing, downloading or quoting of limited amounts of information (with proper attribution) Systematic downloading of large amounts of information (e.g. downloading all articles in a single journal issue; engaging in large-scale downloading from licensed resources)
Copying of an article for personal use in teaching or research Selling or distributing articles to individuals, institutions, or organizations for commercial purposes
Creating a link to a journal article on a publisher web site Posting of a copy of a published article to a restricted access or publicly accessible site (e.g. Wiki@UCSF, departmental web site)

Publishers monitor the usage of electronic resources to verify compliance with licensing agreements. Non-compliance can result in the blockage of a registered IP address or suspension of access for the entire university network.

Once notified of a breach by the publisher, the Library is obligated to initiate an investigation through UCSF ITS Security, to identify the source of the violation.

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