Anneliese Taylor
Anneliese Taylor
Anneliese is the Head of Scholarly Communication. Contact Anneliese for help evaluating journals and publishers, assessing research impact, and for scholarly publishing resources.

Open Access Publishing with Cambridge Journals Begins

Earlier this year, we shared news about exciting changes to UC’s agreement with Cambridge University Press that will make it easier and more affordable for UC authors to publish open access (OA) in Cambridge’s journals. Those changes are now here! As of September 19, authors will see UC’s discounted OA publishing option when they go through the manuscript submission and publication process.

For specifics on how the process works, visit the UC Office of Scholarly Communication.

Key points about UC’s new agreement with Cambridge:

  1. UC campuses have online access to all 400 journals published by Cambridge.
  2. UC corresponding authors receive a 30% discounted rate on the OA article publication charge (APC).
  3. For 2019, the UC Libraries will pay the full APC for research and review articles and proceedings with a UC corresponding author.
  4. Starting in 2020, the Libraries will pay $1,000 toward the APC, and authors who have grant funding will be asked to pay any remainder. Authors without such funding can request the Libraries pay the remainder.
  5. The OA option is available in 290 of Cambridge’s subscription and OA journals. Some journals hosted by Cambridge do not currently offer an OA option, though they may in the future.
  6. Authors may decline the OA option if they wish to keep their article behind a paywall.
  7. Articles published behind a paywall earlier in 2019 can be converted to open access, and UC corresponding authors who paid for OA this year can be reimbursed. Details will be available later this year.

For additional details, see the Office of Scholarly Communication’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and Cambridge University Press’ informational page.

The UC-Cambridge agreement for reading access and OA publishing with a multi-payer model is the first of its kind. The UCSF Library is excited to see the implementation of this arrangement, which will increase the reach of UC-authored articles by making them open to all readers in Cambridge journals.

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