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  • April 16: Lessons at UCSF from the Early AIDS Epidemic

    John Greenspan, Paul Volberding, Molly Cooke, Jay Levy

    Join us on Wednesday, April 16th for a special program featuring prominent UCSF faculty. This is the second lecture in a series launched by UCSF Archives & Special Collections.

    Learning from Our History: Lessons at UCSF from the Early AIDS Epidemic [add to calendar]

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  • Multimedia Clinic: Get Hands-On Help with Your Project

    Multimedia Clinic icons

    Curious about the technology available to you in the Library? Our Learning Technologies experts would like to invite you to a Multimedia Clinic.

    Perhaps you are...

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  • Music in the Library: Nikki Borodi

    Nikki Borodi performing outdoors

    Join us this Wednesday for the annual Women's History Month edition of Music in the Library, featuring Nikki Borodi. Nikki is a musician, clown, aerial acrobatic, yoga instructor, and artist of countless dimensions. After many years in New York City she is happy to be in the Bay Area. Writing music with voice, ukulele, and piano, she enjoys experimenting while joining her many creative loves. Nikki is in the works of writing a circus rock show. Listen to Nikki Borodi.

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  • Scopus Available on Trial Basis through 2014


    Want to track who’s citing your papers? Are you trying to understand the breadth of UCSF’s research output?

    Scopus is available from the UCSF Library on a trial basis through the end of 2014. Scopus allows researchers to see who has cited their work in the past, and to follow new citations going forward by setting up alerts through email or RSS. It allows research officers to develop a profile of UCSF research output, both for specific years and over time.

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  • Music in the Library: Dogcatcher

    Dogcatcher band members

    Based out of San Jose, the indie band Dogcatcher was equally influenced by vintage soul music, folky Americana, and contemporary hip-hop beats. Dogcatcher was chosen twice as one of the top-20 local bands in the Bay Area by Modern Rock radio station Live 105 in 2012 and 2013, and have played acoustic sets in the Poster Room of the legendary Fillmore during performances by The Eels, Spiritualized, The Dandy Warhols, Conor Oberst, Neon Trees, and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

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  • Use F1000 Journal Clubs to Share and Discuss Research Papers

    F1000 Journal Club

    F1000 Journal Clubs is a new tool within the F1000 Prime database that helps scientists create, organize, and share results from journal clubs, where individuals meet to discuss selected research papers. F1000 Journal Clubs aims to facilitate collaboration between departments and labs and to provide an opportunity to promote scholarly activity through public clubs.

    After logging in to Journal Clubs, the organizer has several options to create and manage the club.

    Set-up features:

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  • Lecture by Laurie Garrett: Tracking Disease, Forecasting Futures

    Laurie Garrett

    Join us on Friday, February 21st as Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist and researcher, gives a special presentation at UCSF. This is the inaugural lecture in a new series from UCSF Archives & Special Collections.

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  • Watch: UCSC Genome Browser Workshop

    UCSC Genome Browser lecture recording

    On January 21st, Dr. Robert Kuhn from UC Santa Cruz conducted a special workshop on the UCSC Genome Browser. If you weren't able to attend, you can watch the recorded presentation online.

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  • Adopt-a-Book: Help Us Restore and Preserve 150 Rare Books

    UCSF’s Rare Book Collection contains more than 15,000 volumes, including items from the 15th century, collected over the past 150 years through donations and gifts from faculty, alumni, and friends of the Library. Over time, many books have deteriorated so that additional use would add further damage to their condition. As a busy research library, it is important that we keep these materials accessible to present and future researchers.

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  • Library Zones: Choose the Right Noise Level for Your Needs

    Students working collaboratively in Parnassus Library

    What's your study style? Do you prefer silence, or do you like to study in groups? In an effort to support a variety of volume preferences in the Parnassus Library's study spaces, we've designated four types of zones throughout the building.

    Quiet Study - This zone offers a quiet space for intensive study. You'll find Quiet Study signs posted in the UCSF Quiet Study Room (5th floor) and in the Browsing Room (4th floor). 

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