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  • Multimedia Clinic: Get Hands-On Help with Your Project

    Multimedia Clinic icons

    Curious about the technology available to you in the Library? Our Learning Technologies experts would like to invite you to a Multimedia Clinic.

    Perhaps you are...

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  • Music in the Library: Nikki Borodi

    Nikki Borodi performing outdoors

    Join us this Wednesday for the annual Women's History Month edition of Music in the Library, featuring Nikki Borodi. Nikki is a musician, clown, aerial acrobatic, yoga instructor, and artist of countless dimensions. After many years in New York City she is happy to be in the Bay Area. Writing music with voice, ukulele, and piano, she enjoys experimenting while joining her many creative loves. Nikki is in the works of writing a circus rock show. Listen to Nikki Borodi.

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  • Scopus Available on Trial Basis through 2014


    Want to track who’s citing your papers? Are you trying to understand the breadth of UCSF’s research output?

    Scopus is available from the UCSF Library on a trial basis through the end of 2014. Scopus allows researchers to see who has cited their work in the past, and to follow new citations going forward by setting up alerts through email or RSS. It allows research officers to develop a profile of UCSF research output, both for specific years and over time.

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