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  • Moving Day: Second Floor Closes for TLC Construction


    On December 16 the Parnassus Library's 2nd floor will close for the year-long construction of the new Teaching and Learning Center, which opens in January 2011. Several library services are moving to new locations as a result of this move:

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  • Take a Look at Optics InfoBase & SPIE Digital Library


    The UCSF Library is a valuable resource for support of optics research.

    For starters, the Library offers access to Optics InfoBase, a portal to the major journals published by the Optical Society of America. These include the Journal of the Optical Society of America (A and B); Optics Letters; and Optics & Photonics News.

    The Library also provides comprehensive access to the SPIE Digital Library, a comprehensive resource for research in optical science and engineering, electronic imaging, biomedical optics, and microelectronics. The SPIE Digital Library grows significantly each year, and includes the complete text of over 280,000 articles published since 1990. Journals in the Library include the Proceedings of SPIE, the Journal of Biomedical Optics, Optical Engineering, the Journal of Electronic Imaging, and the Journal of Microlithography, Microfabrication, and Microsystems.

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  • New Titles

    View recent acquisitions to the UCSF Library collection.

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