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Brought to Light

Stories from UCSF Archives & Special Collections

Discussion and updates about the interesting and unique documents and items from our collections.

In the spirit of UCSF’s 150th anniversary, a new addition to the archives has been made: the history of our very own Dr. Eddie Leong Way.   The addition is very much relevant to the anniversary, as Dr. Way himself has contributed much to the school’s 150 years.  In fact, he makes up many of those...


Creating Tomorrow's CLE

Updates, best practices and resources on content creation for the CLE

Starting a new online course can sometimes be a daunting task. A student may look at a course page and see a never-ending list of activities and resources for them to view or complete. If a student opens up a course like the one pictured below, they might become paralyzed by the dreaded scroll of...

The Better Presenter

Learn to be a better presenter at UCSF

News, tips and insights that will help you become a better presenter.

In the previous post, we were introduced to Dr. Daniel Lowenstein and his “Last Lecture” presentation, which was both powerful and inspiring. Shortly after writing the post, Dr. Lowenstein contacted me, and we had an interesting discussion about his experience preparing for, and...

In Plain Sight

Ways to access, manage, and publish your information

Searching and citation management tips and educational insights for faculty, researchers, clinicians, and students.

Some of us dread the arrival of summer because that’s when the EndNote folks usually announce the release of a new version of the software and we have to start thinking about whether or not it’s worth upgrading (and if you have it installed on multiple workstations  in a teaching lab,...


Tips for your mobile life and work

Tips, reviews, and commentary on mobile apps and devices in higher education and health sciences.

Your smartphone might be the most powerful portable computer you own. It can also contain a lot of personal information. With photos, financial apps, passwords, and email stored on the device, a lost or stolen phone in the wrong hands can be catastrophic. With smartphone thefts on the rise, it...

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