Paul and Lydia Kalmanovitz

Paul and Lydia Kalmanovitz

In 1994, the Kalmanovitz Foundation provided the single largest commitment for the construction of the UCSF Library. In recognition of this generosity, the Parnassus Campus Library building is now named for Paul and Lydia Kalmanovitz.

On April 16, 1999, a sign was installed on the front of the building officially recognizing this new name -- the Paul and Lydia Kalmanovitz Library.

Paul and Lydia Kalmanovitz met in New York City after separate immigrations to the United States in the early 1920s. They married, and in 1935, moved to California, where they acquired the first of their lifelong real estate interests with the purchase of a Los Angeles service station where Lydia pumped gas.

Thereafter, Paul and Lydia continued to acquire real estate and brewing companies, including Pabst Brewing Company, Falstaff Brewing Corporation and others. Paul and Lydia moved to Tiburon, Calfornia, in 1972.

Paul and Lydia gave generously to colleges, universities, and hospitals throughout their lives. The Kalmanovitz Trust was established after Paul's death in 1987 to continue this tradition of giving. Lydia passed away in 1994.

The Kalmanovitz building is an example of Paul and Lydia's generosity, which will continue with the establishment of the Kalmanovitz Foundation.

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