Library facilities are open to those with UCSF ID, though selected spaces remain closed with services available remotely. See timeline for reopening.

Borrow Laptops and Accessories

  • UCSF personnel and students with a current Library Borrower Account are eligible to borrow laptops, headphones, and device chargers from the Parnassus Library service desk
  • All equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Borrowers agree to assume responsibility for borrowed equipment, and are responsible for any fees incurred for damages sustained while laptop is in their possession

Mac Laptops

  • 4 hour loan period
  • Software: Microsoft Office, Safari
  • Accessories: case, mouse, and power adapter 

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Over-the-ear headphones
  • Mac laptop chargers
  • iPhone chargers
  • Mac Mini DisplayPort adapters

Fees for Damage

  • Users will not be charged for general wear and tear
  • However, if a device or any of its parts are lost, stolen, damaged, or not returned, users are responsible
  • In addition, a block may be placed on all Library borrowing privileges until the issue is resolved
Total destruction, failure to return laptop, or intentional vandalismFull cost of a replacement, approx. $3,000
Food/liquid on the equipment or surface damage that impairs operation$500 - $3,000 based on severity
Laptop display hinge broken$100 - $500 based on severity
Missing or damaged case, mouse, power adapter, display adapter, or headphones$30 - $250
Late return of laptop$20 minimum fee. May result in loss of borrowing privileges.