Staff Directory [5 column]​

Amin, KemiCommunications Manager  Send message415-502-8067
Barr-Walker, JillClinical Librarian (ZSFG)  Send message415-206-6638 UCSF Profile
Boone, SusanCollection Technical Services Operations Manager  Send message415-476-8410
Boushey, Geoffrey Software Developer  Send message
Burgess, GriffinArchivist and Operations Supervisor (ZSFG)  Send message415-206-6637
Ciccone, DonAccess Services Assistant  Send message415-476-2336
Deardorff, Ariel Data Science Services Librarian  Send message415-502-5802
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Evans, Kelsi Project Archivist  Send message415-476-8112
Fang, Min-Lin Research Librarian for Nursing and Social and Behavioral Sciences  Send message415-476-3397
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Fernandez, StephenTech Commons Operations Engineer  Send message415-476-4309
Foster, MichaelAdministration Executive Assistant  Send message415-476-3769
Hall, BerthaAccess Services Assistant  Send message415-476-2336
Hannibal, ShaunaInterlibrary Lending Coordinator  Send message415-476-8383
Hedrick, JasonSoftware Developer  Send message
Hudson, KirkTech Commons and Facilities Manager  Send message415-502-8101
Ilieva, Polina Archives and Special Collections Head, University Archivist  Send message415-476-1024
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Johnson, JonSoftware Developer  Send message
Jew, AlbertSystem Administrator  Send message415-476-6867
Kang, Joanna Data Science and Marketing Coordinator  Send message415-502-2443
Kiyoi, StephenZSFG Director  Send message415-206-6639 UCSF Profile
Klausner, MimiIndustry Documents Interim Manager  Send message415-476-5419
Kochi, JuliaCollections, Education and Research Services Director  Send message415-502-7539
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Krah, David Processing Archivist  Send message415-476-8112
Lau, IreneAccess Services Assistant  Send message415-476-8128
Leiva, LisaLearning Technologies Specialist  Send message415-476-9426
Letona, Lynda Archives Assistant  Send message415-476-8112
Lindquist, Karla Data Science Scientific Lead  Send message415-502-3815 UCSF Profile
Lipson, AiraAccess Services Assistant  Send message415-476-2336
Maier, SvenSoftware Developer  Send message415-997-8366
Macquarie, Charlie Digital Archivist  Send message415-476-8112
McClelland, Sean GabrielLead Learning Technologies Specialist  Send message415-476-9426
McCloskey, TyroneAccess Services Assistant  Send message415-476-2336
McClung, SarahCollection Development Librarian  Send message415-502-2184
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Menezes, BazilAccess Services Assistant  Send message415-476-1446
Mizejewski, MicheleUser Experience Designer  Send message
Munson, JimOperations and Finance Director  Send message415-476-8060
Nevels, IeshaAccess and Outreach Assistant (ZSFG)  Send message415-206-3114
Panado, AndyAccess Services Manager  Send message415-502-4178
Persily, GailEducational Technology Director  Send message415-476-3766
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Peterson, EricAccess Services Day Supervisor  Send message415-476-8246
Prisco, Sophia Research Librarian  Send message415-476-3760
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Raggett, NedMYSFHEALTH and User Services Coordinator (ZSFG)  Send message415-206-2893
Romero, DylanMakers Lab Manager  Send message
Saeed, SalmanTech Commons Operations Engineer  Send message415-476-4309
Shaffer, ChrisUniversity Librarian and Assistant Vice Chancellor  Send message415-476-5557 UCSF Profile
Silveira, ZachResearch Software Licensing and Wiki Administration Specialist  Send message415-476-4389
Tai, JennyMakers Lab Technician  Send message
Tahir, Peggy Research and Copyright Librarian  Send message415-476-5765
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Taketa, Rachel Industry Documents Specialist  Send message415-514-1796
Tam, CarsonSoftware Developer  Send message
Tang, RebeccaSoftware Developer  Send message415-476-9831
Tasker, Kate Industry Documents Library Archivist  Send message
Taylor, Anneliese Scholarly Communications and Collections Assistant Director  Send message415-476-8415
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Topfstedt, StefanSoftware Developer  Send message
Townsend, ArtAccess Services Mission Bay Library Supervisor  Send message415-476-8430
Trott, RichCenter for Knowledge Management Director  Send message415-476-5450

Uhlich, David Access and Collections Archivist  Send message415-476-8112
Warling, BrianCLE Product Manager  Send message415-502-6678
Whitaker, Evans (Whit) Research Librarian for Medicine and Pharmacy  Send message415-476-2534
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White, RyanInterlibrary Borrowing Coordinator  Send message415-502-5789
Zanandrea, MarkAccess Services Assistant  Send message415-476-2336