Wireless FAQ

Wireless FAQ


  • How do I access wireless?

    Use your MyAccess account to connect to the 'UCSFwpa' wireless network.

  • What is MyAccess?

    MyAccess is UCSF's single-sign on service that enables you to access a variety of applications via a common user id and password.

  • What is the wireless network name?

    There are two different wireless networks: 'UCSFguest' and 'UCSFwpa'. The network name is case sensitive.

  • How do I set my SSID so I can connect via wireless?

    Please set the network SSID to 'UCSFwpa.' Most wireless devices include a configuration utility which is active in the System Tray in Windows (usually located next to the time display in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) or in the Menu Bar in Mac OS (usually located next to the time display in the upper right-hand corner of your screen).

  • What resources can I access with wireless?

    If you are logged into the 'UCSFwpa' network, you have access to all library resources as if you were using a library workstation. Using 'UCSFguest,' you will have limited access to UCSF resources.

  • Where else can I use wireless on the UCSF campus?

    Wireless is available in many other locations on campus. Details on existing and expanding coverage are available from UCSF IT.

  • I installed Windows Service Pack 3. What can I do?

    Download this hotfix if you have installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 and cannot get wireless after the update. You will need to accept Microsoft's usage agreement and submit your email address. We recommend you first copy this onto a flash drive from another computer and then run it on your laptop. Please come to the Tech Commons for assistance.

  • Can I use wireless if I am not part of UCSF?

    You may use the 'UCSFguest' network.

  • Where can I go if I need help?

    Consultants are available in the Library's Tech Commons. Please stop by the Parnassus Library in CL240 or see our Consulting and Service page for more information.