Fees for Damage

Fees for Damage

Users will not be charged for general wear and tear to a laptop or audiovisual equipment. However, if a device or any of its parts are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned, users are responsible for the fees detailed below. Variations to these fee charts are to be determined on a case-by-case basis. In addition to fees, a block may be placed on all Library borrowing privileges until the issue is resolved.

Laptop Fees

Total destruction; failure to return laptop or any type of intentional vandalism:Full cost of a replacement machine. Approx. $3,000.
Display hinge broken or inoperable:$100-$500 based on severity.
Major dents, cracks or scratches which impair operation; missing or broken keys; liquid or food on the keyboard, case, or mouse:$500-$3,000 based on severity.
Missing or damaged ZIP, floppy drive, CD drive, memory modules, or wireless network card:$200-$250
Missing or damaged mouse:$30
General wear and tear that does not impair operation:No Charge
Software or configuration damage:May result in loss of borrowing privileges. Recharge for IT services may apply.
Late return of laptop:$20 minimum fee. May result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Learning Technologies Equipment

Damage and replacement costs will be provided upon checkout of equipment.