Measuring Impact

Measuring Impact

Resources to help track research output.

Web of Science

  • Find cited references to published literature.
  • Set up Citation Alerts for an article.
  • Generate an author citation report, including h-index. Learn how.

Number of citations to articles authored by Dr. Laura van 't Veer, 2004-2013:

  Sample report generated from data in Web of Science.


UCSF has a trial subscription to Scopus in 2014 and is seeking feedback and potential funding partners. Features of Scopus:

- Track citations to scholarly publishings.
- Generate an Author Evaluator report and h-index.
- Analyze publications by affiliation.
- Compare journal citation rates with Journal Analyzer.

Top Ten Journals by Number of UCSF-authored Papers, 2004-2013:

Sample report generated from data in Scopus.

Evaluation Resources

Many resources now provide data to help measure the impact of a given article, journal, or institution.

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is the source for finding the impact factor (IF) for a journal within its field. The impact factor ranks a journal based on the number of citations made to articles in the journal over the two preceding years.

Article Level Metrics (ALM) is a method developed by the Public Library of Science (PLoS) to view the overall performance and reach of published articles. View an ALM talk presented to UCSF/UCB in November 2009.

SCImago Journal & Country Rank
Ranks countries and institutions by their research productivity in different disciplines.

UCSF Research Networks

UCSF Profiles
Use this database to discover research expertise and connections at UCSF and beyond. Find collaborators, mentors, mentees, and partners.

Provides infrastructure, services, and training to support clinical and translational research. As part of the nationwide CTSA consortium, CTSI develops broad coalitions and partnerships at the local and national levels to enable a transformation of the research environment.

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