UCSF Open Access Policy

UCSF Open Access Policy

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Open Access Policy Decision Tree for Academic Senate Faculty

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Open Access Policy Decision Tree for non-Academic Senate Employees

Make Your Publications Available to the Public

There are two Open Access policies covering UCSF personnel:

  1. Senate Faculty: the UCSF Academic Senate passed an Open Access Policy for UCSF on May 21, 2012. See a 90-second video for an overview, and find more details here. See this spreadsheet for faculty positions covered by the Senate (highlighted yellow).
  2. All others: on October 23, 2015, a Presidential Open Access Policy expanded open access rights and responsibilities to all other authors who write scholarly articles while employed at the University of California, including non-Senate faculty, researchers, post-doctoral scholars, residents and clinical fellows, staff, librarians, and graduate students. See UC's definition of employee covered by the Presidential Policy.

The policies cover scholarly articles published in any journal starting on the policy date. No payment is required to exercise the rights outlined in these policies.

UCSF Academic Senate faculty can use the UC Publication Management system to upload their publications to eScholarship (UC's open access repository). Other authors must log in to eScholarship directly to share their works.

Senate Faculty will be contacted by email to verify publications in the system. Use this system to track your publications and to share your scholarly articles via eScholarship or by linking to another open access version. 

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The UCSF Library and the California Digital Library are working with the Academic Senate to support the implementation of the policy. Send questions about the policy to oapolicy@ucsf.edu, or call 415-476-8415.