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Open Access (OA) journals provide free, online access to their articles. Peer-reviewed OA journals operate the same as traditional peer-reviewed publications, except the publication costs are borne by the author, funder, or other entity. Fully open access journals have few copyright restrictions, meaning anyone may download, distribute, and reuse the material without paying.

A "hybrid" open access journal is a subscription-based journal that allows authors to make individual articles open access by paying an article publication charge (APC). This option is often referred to as "Author Select", "Open Choice", or the like. Hybrid OA articles may have restrictions on redistribution and reuse.

UCSF Discounts on Article Publication Charges for OA Journals, May 2015

Publisher or PublicationArticle Processing ChargeUCSF Discounted Amount
American Chemical Society
(UC-subscribed journals)
Up to $5,000 hybrid AuthorChoice33% - ACS non-member
67% - ACS member
BioMed Central (BMC)
(most BioMed Central journals)
$735 – $2,770 fully OA15% discount
20% discount for reviewers
British Journal of Cancer (Nature Publising)£2,300 (~$3,600) hybrid OA£1,700 (~$2,675)
(25% discount)
Journal of Experimental Botany (Oxford UP)$2,833 hybrid OANo charge (thanks to subscription).
Mary Ann Liebert
(subscribed journals)
$3,200 hybrid OA$2,200 (31% discount)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS)$1,350 hybrid OA
(separate from page and other charges)
$1000 (25% discount)
Royal Society of Chemisty (RSC) Journals£1,000 - £2,500 hybrid OA
(~$1,570 - $3,900; see chart)
Free via Gold for Gold program
SpringerOpen Journals
$125 - $1,935 fully OA15% discount

See also the UC Office of Scholarly Communication's article processing charge discount page.

Search the Directory of Open Access Journals to find thousands of peer-reviewed OA journals.

See also this guide to assessing publisher quality.

Most publishers offer a hybrid OA option. A sampling of publishers includes American Society for Microbiology, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, JoVE, Nature, SAGE, and Wiley.

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