Criteria for Journal Cancellation

Journals Considered for Cancellation

To identify journals for cancellation, we consider several criteria:

  1. Print journals that are also available to UCSF online. Print is canceled in favor of online-only subscriptions where possible.
  2. Online subscriptions, whether or not they are part of an online archive such as Portico. Many selections are society-published journals on hosting platforms such as HighWire or Ingenta, with longstanding UCSF subscriptions.
  3. Results of a 3-month in-house study of print journal use. Titles with online access and low or no print usage are favored.
  4. The subscription savings the Library realizes by converting to online-only, as well as the processing and human resources costs of receiving print journals.
  5. Selected print-only or electronic-only titles that are costly and that are not highly used.