2005 Journal Cancellation Project

The Library has faced a flat collections budget since the 2000-01 fiscal year and yearly inflationary price increases as high as 20%. These increases force the Library to find ways to cut expenditures while maintaining a current, comprehensive collection. In the 2004-05 fiscal year, the Library had to cut approximately $120,000 in collections expenses. This cut was necessary in order for us to both meet inflationary price increases and to purchase key new online resources.

This website is designed to make you aware of the issues affecting the library budget and to encourage your participation in the solutions. To learn more about why cancellations are necessary, please visit the other areas of the Scholarly Publication section.

Decisions on Proposed Journal Cancellations

The Library's decisions are available regarding journals proposed for cancellation or a change of format in 2005. This list was finalized based on feedback solicited during August and September of 2004. See 2005 Library Journal Decisions (PDF).

As of March 2005, the UC Libraries have a new agreement with Blackwell for shared online access to almost 600 journals, as well as more reasonable annual price increases over the next three years. UCSF was able to maintain current access to all but a handful of journals.

Please send any comments to Anneliese Taylor, Collection Development Manager.

Project Summary

The following criteria were used to select print journals for cancellation:

  • Print titles with online access: Where possible, print copy was canceled and online availability was maintained.
  • Print titles with NO online access: Journals with no or low usage (during several in-house use studies) were subject to cancellation, particularly titles that also have high subscription prices and high yearly increases.
  • Blackwell journals: Print copies were canceled for most Blackwell journals, however these journals are still available online. About 20 Blackwell journals are no longer available to UCSF in either print or online format.
  • Overall regard for journal coverage within all subject areas.
Once print journals with no online equivalent are canceled, UCSF faculty, staff, and students can request copies of articles from these titles via Interlibrary Borrowing.