My ILL Requests QuickGuide

My ILL Requests QuickGuide

Check the status and renew your Interlibrary Requests.

Manage Your ILL Requests

How to Login

Problems logging in?

If you have overdue materials you will receive a message that says "Borrower is blocked from making Requests." Call the Parnassus Service Desk at (415) 476-2336 for assistance.

View Your Requests

After you sign in, your account information will display. Select your sort option, then click "Submit."

If you have no active ILL requests, the following will display:

A typical request in your list will look like this:

Status Messages

  • In process - Your request is in the process of being fulfilled (potential suppliers are being sought and queried).
  • Received - Your request, whether a copy or a loan, has been received by the UCSF Interlibrary Services unit. Loans (returnables) will display the established due date. Copies (non-returnables), whether delivered electronically or as a paper copy, will display in your list for 30 days from the received date.
  • Returned - Your loan request has been reported returned by the UCSF Interlibrary Services unit. Record will disappear from your list when the lending library has formally "checked in" the item.
  • Renewal pending - The UCSF Interlibrary Services unit has submitted a renewal request to the lending institution.
  • Recalled - The lending library has formally recalled the item in your loan request.

Submit a Renewal Request

You may submit renewal requests for your ILL loans from your requests list (please submit renewal requests no more than seven [7] days in advance of the due date).

Clicking the "Send email" button at the bottom of the form sends your request for renewal to the UCSF Interlibrary Services Unit that initially processed your request. UCSF will then contact the lending library requesting a renewal.

  • Renewal approved - If the lending library approves a renewal request, the item's status will change to "Received" with the new due date indicated.
  • Renewal denied - If the lending library declines a renewal request, you will be contacted by e–mail, requesting that the item be returned.

Cancel a Request

You may submit a request to cancel an ILL request directly from your ILL account, if the "cancel" option is available. (An item may allow a cancellation due to its current status with the lending library.)

Contact Us

If you have additional questions, contact Interlibrary Services staff:

  • Interlibrary Borrowing - (415) 502-4178
  • Interlibrary Loan for Libraries - (415) 476-8383
  • Document Express - (415) 476-8383
  • Access Services Manager - (415) 502-4178