Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus Access

Access Privileges

  • Subscription contracts with journal and database publishers require the Library to restrict access to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students of UCSF.
  • Most of the Library’s online resources are also available when off-campus, after authenticating as a member of UCSF.


When you click to get full text articles or ebooks provided by the UCSF Library, you will be prompted to log in with MyAccess credentials.

  • No software or computer set-up required (unless you prefer to use the simple bookmarklet below)
  • No need to log in again during the same session, as long as you remain logged into MyAccess

Not starting from the Library website?

Drag this button to your bookmarks toolbar →      Reload via EZproxy

Problems Accessing a Journal or Database?

  1. The Library does not subscribe to this particular online journal or issue. Check the Library Catalog to determine holdings.
  2. The Library needs to adjust the EZproxy configuration for the resource you are trying to reach. Report the problem.
  3. You've gone straight to a journal's website from off campus, rather than going through the UCSF Library website. Install and use the bookmarklet to reload the page through EZproxy. 
  4. Your MyAccess login is invalid. Verify your account.
  5. Review the FAQ

What About vpn@UCSF?

EZproxy does not replace vpn@UCSF as they serve different purposes. As part of the university IT infrastructure, VPN will continue to support a broad range of academic activities requiring remote connection.

EZproxy is a service provided by the Library for the single purpose of providing remote access to library-licensed content. 


  • Need help with EZproxy? Contact Library Support. If you are having problems with a specific resource please include the URL you are trying to access in your message. 
  • More detailed information about MyAccess is available from the UCSF IT website.
  • More detailed information about vpn@UCSF is available from the UCSF IT website. 
  • For help with vpn@UCSF, please contact the UCSF IT Service Desk. Submit a ticket online or call (415) 514-4100.