Library Printing Policies

Printing Policies


This document explains the terms and conditions governing the use of the UCSF Library Printing Service. By using this service, you agree to abide by the policies and guidelines set forth in this document. This document may change from time to time. Notice of revisions will be announced on this page. Continued use of Library printing by you will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions.

Using the UCSF Library Printing Service

  1. Requirements
    To print at a UCSF Library computer or in the Medical Student Lounge, you must have an eligible Library Printing Account. Additionally, you must have a positive balance in your account and enough money to complete the requested print job.
  2. Fees
    The rate for printing is 14ยข per page. Using a print account with a UCSF status to print for commercial purposes is prohibited. These rates are subject to review and may change with prior notice. All transactions are on a pre-paid basis. Your account is debited the full amount needed to complete the print job at the time the print job is started. All public printing at the UCSF Library is fee-based.
  3. Refunds and Page Credits
    No refunds of unused funds in a Library Printing Account are given. Please be careful to purchase only the amount needed. Page credits for equipment malfunctions such as printer jams or low toner will be given if the problem pages are brought to a Library service desk (such as the Circulation Desk, Cashier's Window or Tech Commons). It is best to notify Library staff immediately so the printer problem can be fixed.

Terms and Conditions

The first time you print, you automatically confirm your agreement to all the policies and guidelines listed in this document and any revisions of this document and acknowledge your receipt and understanding of this disclosure.

  1. Account Balance and History
    You can obtain your account balance by swiping your UCSF ID card or UCSF Library Printing card at a print release station. Your current account balance appears in the Account Balance box.
  2. Questions or Error Correction
    In case of questions or errors concerning your Library Printing Account, you should go to a Library Service Desk (such as the Circulation Desk, Cashier's Window or Tech Commons) immediately and report the problem.

Library's Liability

  1. Reasonable Precautions
    The Library is not liable for print jobs debited to your account if you do not take reasonable precautions with your login or printing card. Reasonable precautions include, but are not limited to, logging out of your account when you leave a workstation and not sharing your account information.
  2. Use of Federal Funds
    If printing is charged against federal funds, the customer accepts full responsibility that such action is allowable under federal policy.