Photocopying & Cashiering Services

Photocopying & Cashiering


Self-service copiers are available in the following locations:

Parnassus Library:

  • 1st floor - Room 122
  • 2nd floor - Room 230 (UCSF only); outside Rooms 211-212
  • 3rd floor - Room 327 next to Cashier's Window

Mission Bay Library - Room CC156

  • Copiers support 2-sided copying, stapling, reduction, and enlargement.
  • Library copiers use debit-style cards; there are no coin-operated copiers.
  • Color copying is not available in the Library. UCSF staff, students and faculty only: inquire at the Service Desk about color copying of non-circulating materials.
  • Please recycle!

Copy Cards

UCSF students, faculty and staff: Your UCSF photo ID is your copy/print card.

Non-UCSF patrons: Obtain cards at card dispenser or Cashier's Window.

  • Price per copy: $0.14
  • From card dispenser, purchase $1 card and add value in increments of $1, $5, $10, and $20, as needed. Visa and MasterCard accepted, $5 minimum charge.

The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged copy cards.

Cashiering Services

Fees for library services and products may be paid at the Cashier's Window, located on the main (3rd) floor of the Parnassus Library.

Payments accepted at Parnassus:

  • cash
  • pre-printed personal check drawn on a California bank (with a valid CA Driver License)
  • money order
  • Recharge Account Number*
  • MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Discover, and ATM cards. Minimum charge $5.

(*) If reimbursement is sought from a federal fund source, the customer accepts full responsibility that such costs are allowable under federal policy.

Hours for the Cashier's Window

Digital Media

Media TypeFee
80min 700mb 1x48x CD-R$2.00 + tax
HS CD-RW 4x-10x 650mb$3.00 + tax
Mini DV 60min$6.50 + tax
Returns not accepted on open packages.

More Information

Please call Copy Services at (415) 476-8128