Off-Campus Access

Research Bookmarklet

Use the EZproxy bookmarklet if you prefer to go directly to a journal rather than through the Library website

  1. Click to get text of a specific article or ebook
  2. When not granted, click the bookmarklet in your browser toolbar
  3. That page will be reloaded using EZproxy/MyAccess, and you will get access to UCSF subscribed content


  • To install on your laptop or desktop, simply drag button or right click > Add to Favorites if using an older version of Internet Explorer.
  • See video walkthough.

Drag this button to your bookmarks toolbar →      Reload via EZproxy

NOTE: When going to another journal or source during the same session, you may need to click the bookmarklet again to trigger UCSF access, but you will only have to enter your MyAccess information that first time. 

Using the Library Website?

If you go through links on the UCSF Library website, you will still be prompted to login with your MyAccess credentials, but there will be no need for the browser bookmarklet.

Using an iPad or Android device?

The Steps to use EZproxy outlined above are the same. But, if you need to go directly to a journal rather than through the library's website, you might need the bookmarklet. Mobile installation takes a few more steps, but it's simple to use once you have it.

Need More Help?

PubMed@UCSF Plugin for Firefox

Search PubMed@UCSF from anywhere on the web.

Mobile Tools

Many library offerings can also be used on your mobile devices