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Introducing New Library Services for Equity in Publishing and Open Science

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By Ariel Deardorff and Anneliese Taylor, Library. Photo by Brannon Naito on Unsplash Thanks to your feedback on a recent scholarly communication survey, the UCSF Library is launching several services to promote equity in publishing and open science. Our goal is to create learning opportunities and facilitate connections between journal editors, early career faculty and researchers, and those underrepresented in medicine, to create a more open and equitable scholarly communication landscape. As part of this … Read more

Data Science Hacky Hours Are Back!

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For those of you who don’t know, Hacky Hours were casual meetups where students, staff, and anyone from the UCSF community could hang out and discuss data science. People often came with questions and brainstormed solutions with others. Now is the time to bring back Hacky Hours. We are trying a new approach focused on building an inclusive and accessible virtual space that fosters the same level of connection that you would experience during in-person … Read more