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Quick Access to PDFs from Global Search

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There’s a new full text feature when you search for articles, books and other resources using the global search box, which can be accessed from the Library’s home page: Shortcut to open access and freely available articles A link to freely accessible, full text PDFs now appears below each free or open access journal article result, as in this example result from a search on COVID-19 and social grooming: The PDF link leads you directly … Read more

Faculty Experience: Transitioning to Remote Learning

one on one consultation

As staff and faculty shift to remote learning, we at the UCSF Library are committed to helping provide resources and information that aid with the transition. In addition to workshops and consultations, one of the ways we hope to provide support is by showcasing the transition journey of fellow faculty members and highlighting key takeaways from their experience. In this post, we are highlighting Dr. David Killilea and Dr. Ellen Fung’s experience with transitioning the … Read more