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Meet the Maker – Dr. Crystal Zhou

3D printed GI tract

This week’s maker is Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy, Crystal Zhou, PharmD, APh, AHSCP, BCACP. We caught up with Dr. Zhou in between classes to see what she has been making in the Makers Lab. Q: What did you make? The School of Pharmacy partnered with the UCSF Makers Lab to create 3D models of the GI tract (from esophagus to rectum) and liver. Q: Why did you want to make it? The Applied Patient … Read more

Protocol Service from

Have a research protocol you’d like to share with other researchers? You might have seen the announcement that the University of California system has a three-year premium subscription for, a platform for collaborative research and an open repository of research protocols. One of the benefits of this pilot is a service offered by to import and format an existing protocol for you. Here’s how it works: Send the protocol you wish to … Read more