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Meet the Maker – Rick Rodgers

borromean hairpins

This week’s maker is Clinical Professor of Laboratory Medicine in the UCSF School of Medicine, Rick “Channing” Rodgers. We caught up with Rick during one of his 3D printing reservations to take a closer look at some of the mathematical art prints he’s been making.

Q: What did you make?

I made three initial experimental prints:  Borromean hairpins, a trefoil knot designed by a friend and colleague, and a three-way Trammel of Archimedes.

Cambridge University Press and UC Agree to Open Access Publishing Deal

gabriel sollmann 704393 unsplash

Photo by Gabriel Sollmann on Unsplash The University of California announced that it is entering into an agreement with Cambridge University Press that will combine online access to Cambridge’s journals with open access publishing for UC authors. This is UC’s first open access agreement with a major publisher, and Cambridge’s first such deal in the United States. Cambridge is among the top 20 publishers that UC authors publish with in terms of total article output, … Read more

Call for Proposals: AIDS Symposium – Deadline Extended

aids city hall

NOTE: Deadline has been extended to June 17, 2019. Memory Lives On: Documenting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic is an interdisciplinary symposium exploring and reflecting on topics related to archives and the practice of documenting the stories of HIV/AIDS. Submission and Symposium Details The program committee invites submissions for presentations addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic from the wide-ranging perspectives of historians, archivists and librarians, artists, journalists, activists and community groups, scientific researchers, health care providers, and people living … Read more

3D Printing Delivering Cost-Savings for UCSF 

picture of 3D printed lab equipment

3D printing offers solutions to any number of challenges faced across many disciplines and industries. While many people initially come to the Makers Lab to learn the basics of 3D printing and start their first 3D print, they soon identify ways to incorporate the technology in their research, education, and patient care. As the community of makers grows we can begin to quantify the financial impact for UCSF. Here are a few examples of how … Read more

UCSF Industry Documents Highlighted in New BMJ Study: Tobacco industry involvement in children’s sugary drinks market


Researchers at the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies drew on documents from the Industry Documents Library in a new BMJ study which illustrates the ways tobacco companies applied their marketing strategies to sell sugar-sweetened beverages to children. The study, recently featured in the New York Times, describes how RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris acquired food and beverage companies in the 1960s and used cartoon characters, flavors, and colors – marketing strategies originally … Read more

Meet the Maker – Arit Harvanko

3D Printed photo ID

This week’s maker is UCSF Post-Doctoral Scholar and Makers Lab Volunteer Staff, Arit Harvanko. We caught up with Arit during one of his shifts in the Makers Lab to see what he has been working on. Q: What did you make? A 3D printed UCSF ID card holder. Q: Why did you want to make it? The original was dissatisfactory because the clip would always come off. It also serves as a demonstration for the … Read more

Meet the Maker – Vivian Zhou

picture of 3D printed stethoscope

This week’s maker is 2nd year student in the UCSF School of Medicine, Vivian Zhou. We caught up with Vivian in between her busy schedule to learn about what motivates her to 3D print. Q: What did you make? A: A 3D print of both hemispheres of the brain. Q: Why did you want to make a brain? A: As a 2nd-year med student I’ve printed organs as we’ve learned about them. It’s helpful to … Read more

UCSF Faculty Launch Petition to Boycott Elsevier in Support of Open Access


On February 28, 2019, the UC Libraries chose not to renew journal subscriptions from the publisher Elsevier. Following many months of negotiations, Elsevier was ultimately unwilling to meet UC’s key goal of securing universal open access to UC research at a reasonable cost. The Academic Senate signaled its collective and resolute commitment to support UC’s negotiating position with Elsevier. UC joins Germany, Sweden, and Hungary in seeking transformative change in the way scholarly information is … Read more

UCSF Library becomes BMJ Case Reports Institutional Fellow

Two UCSF clinicians working together at a desktop computer

UCSF Library is happy to announce we recently acquired an institutional fellowship to BMJ Case Reports. As the world’s largest repository of clinical case reports online, BMJ Case Reports is a unique resource offering over 15,000 cases from over 70 countries in all disciplines. Healthcare professionals, researchers, and others can easily find clinically important information on common and rare conditions in this peer reviewed journal. BMJ Case Reports has a unique business model whereby users (whether … Read more

Bound Journals Update

Polina Ilieva, Head Archivist reviewing a rare book from the Archives & Special Collections.

The UCSF Library’s Archives and Special Collections has been rapidly acquiring rare ephemera and archival materials in order to preserve the significant contributions UCSF has made to the history of medicine. They have outgrown their current storage areas and are in desperate need of additional secure space to continue their critical mission. The Library has identified a space on the first floor of the Parnassus library as an ideal location for Archives and Special Collections … Read more

Breaking Journal Access News: Outcome of UC Negotiations with Elsevier


Thursday, February 28, 2019 We are writing to share the outcome of the University of California’s negotiations to renew its systemwide license with scholarly journal publisher Elsevier, which have been underway for many months. What’s happeningWhile we did make progress, particularly in the past few weeks, toward defining a model for open access publishing of UC research, Elsevier was ultimately unwilling to meet UC’s key goal: securing universal open access to UC research, as stated in … Read more

Flipping Journals to Open Access – Resources for UCSF

Four pairs of hands are shown to illustrate four people sitting around a table, interacting and using technology devices.

Last August, the UCSF Library and the Academic Senate organized a roundtable for journal editors to talk about considerations for transitioning subscription journals to an open access (OA) model. OA publishing has continued to slowly but steadily grow over the last ten years, leading some journal editors and publishers to seek options and opportunities to ‘flip’ journals that are only accessible through a subscription paywall to an open access model so that anybody, anywhere can … Read more

Meet the Maker – Manabu Manandhar

3D printed edible water mold

This week’s maker is 4th year student in the UCSF School of Dentistry, Manabu Manandhar. We caught up with Manabu after the winter break to learn more about one of his recent projects. Q: What did you make? A: A mold to create “edible water” – a water pop contained within a biodegradable, edible skin. Q: Why did you want to make it? A: Last summer, my friend was in France and wanted to kiss … Read more