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Oculus Rift S – Improved Virtual Reality

Oculus headshet and accessories

We have a new addition in the Makers Lab – The Oculus Rift S. This VR system is computer powered, which means it relies on computer hardware and software to deliver a smooth, 3D experience. The Rift S does not need external sensors, so set up is very plug-and-play. We have some great apps already installed, such as medical apps about anatomy (Sharecare VR) and dementia, as well as Google Tilt Brush for artistic exploration. … Read more

Digging into Data Sets at the Industry Documents Library

data graph

Here at the UCSF Industry Documents Library (also known as IDL), we’re always looking for ways to make our collections more accessible and searchable for anyone who wants to use them. With nearly 15 million documents collected from the tobacco, drug, chemical, food, and fossil fuel industries, IDL supports a huge range of research – whether you’re a post-doc examining e-cigarette marketing methods, a faculty member researching the effects of environmental toxins on reproductive health, … Read more

Makers Lab Art Show Recap

bookfolding 1

On September 26th, the 3rd Annual Makers Lab Art Show was held in the Makers Lab. This special event showcased art made by staff, students and researchers within the UCSF community. Makers were welcome to submit artwork of all mediums, as long as a portion of it was created in the Makers Lab. We were very excited to see all the unique pieces of artwork brought in for the show! Highlights for this year’s event … Read more

Library Conversations: Charlie Macquarie


October is Archives Month and this year the UCSF Library is celebrating with an entry of the Library Conversations series. We sat down with two Library staff members to discuss everything from books to new technology to childhood aspirations, and everything in between. This week we chat with Archives & Special Collections Digital Archivist Charlie Macquarie. We discuss history and the future, water, and collaboration. Charlie works to digitize the Archives & Special Collections’ holdings … Read more

UCSF Library Artist in Residence

sweetcoll 191 brain rotate

The UCSF Library Archives and Special Collections and the Makers Lab are piloting a one year artist-in-residence program. The UCSF Library Artist in Residence award, valued at $6,000, will be given annually to one candidate with a degree in Studio Arts or a related field and/or a history of exhibiting artistic work in professional venues. The goal of this program is to promote health humanities by exposing and re-purposing historical materials preserved in the Archives … Read more