SFGH 1930s Photograph Collection on Calisphere

Showing equipment and the site of injection prepared. SFGH 2015 005, box 3, envelope 10.

This is a guest post by Griffin Burgess, ZSFG Archivist. The Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Archives has its first collection available as part of UCSF’s digital collections on Calisphere! The collection consists of over 100 digitized images scanned from 3 x 5 cellulose acetate negatives that date from the 1930s. The images document the exteriors of the hospital buildings as well as interior rooms, hallways, equipment, and staff. The ZSFG campus looked very different in … Read more

A Snapshot of the UCSF Library Makers Lab [An Infographic]

UCSF Makers Lab

This is a guest post by Jenny Tai, Makers Lab staff member. The Makers Lab has grown a lot in the past year, thanks to the support of a wonderful community of makers here at UCSF. We’ve had over 1,500 UCSF makers visiting the Makers Lab since opening in April 2016, and over 250 of those makers have shared their interests with us. Have you wondered where the majority of your fellow makers come from? … Read more

Stories from the Makers Lab

3d print

The Makers Lab has been open for just over a year and we have already seen the UCSF community work on some incredibly innovative projects. Students, faculty, staff, researchers, and practitioners from all across the UCSF community come to the Makers Lab in the UCSF Library to unleash their natural creativity. As projects have become more complex and specialized, we have selected a few stories that we believe are in line with the mission of … Read more