Library facilities are open to those with UCSF ID, though selected spaces remain closed with services available remotely. See timeline for reopening.

Combining Traditional Arts and Crafts with 3D Printing

3D printed costume elements

Every year we see a plethora of creative projects from people all around us during Halloween. Here are a couple examples where good old fashion arts and crafts meets 3D printing this season. A 3D printed glow-in-the-dark spider is giving this hand carved pumpkin arachnophobia. Ysabel Ilagan used these 3D printed dinosaur teeth for the necklace of her Princess Mononoke costume. You can also see the 3D printed spear head and the 3D printed spirits of … Read more

3D Printed Microscope

Emilio with 3D printer lense

Dr. Emilio Ramos, Resident Physician at UCSF, visited the Makers Lab yesterday for his first 3D print using the TAZ 5. Dr. Ramos 3D printed a microscope that can be used with a mobile phone and a small glass bead. He printed a few different sizes that can be used for different levels of magnification. The 3D prints only took 20 minutes at a high-quality resolution and was ready to use right away. Dr. Ramos … Read more

Prosthetic Hand Assembly Pop-up

Prosthetic Hand pop-up

It was really encouraging to see such a great turn out at today’s Prosthetic Hand Assembly pop-up. The attendees includes residents, staff, students and even certified prosthetists.  With so many enthusiastic participants, we look forward to establishing an eNABLE Local Chapter here on campus soon!

Staff Development Opportunity

button making session

The staff from the Orthopedics Surgery Department came to visit the Makers Lab yesterday. They were so inspired by what they had learned about 3D printing technology and DIY programmable electronics that they are planning to incorporate their ideas into their Staff Development Program. “Inspiring new technology right at our fingertips” — Toni Grimes

Jewelry Making Pop-up

jewelry making pop-ups

Everyone who attended the Jewelry Pop-up on Aug. 30th had a great time! Although none of the attendees had any previous jewelry making experience, they went home with earrings of their own design and colorful 3D printed bracelets. Come to the Makers Lab! You too can create jewelry for yourself and your friends.

3D Printed Thermotaxis Platform

3D Printed Thermotaxis Platform

Kirby Leo, summer volunteer in Dr. Noelle L’Etoile’s research lab in the Dept. of Cell & Tissue Biology, 3D printed a Thermotaxis Platform she had designed using Blender. “This platform will be used for a temperature adaptation assay. We will observe how C. Elegans change their temperature preference when exposed to extracellular vesicles” – Kirby

We’re Excited….

UCSF logo made with playdoh

To all you makers out there. We had our final planning meeting before we open the UCSF Library Makers Lab at 2 PM on April 4, 2016. We are nervous about all we do not know, and excited about all we will learn with you as we work with you in the Makers Lab. So bring your creativity and sense of exploration and play and we will see you there! This blog page will be a … Read more

We’re Changing Hours Beginning on April 25, 2016

circuit board

In our “always on” attempts to engage makers and would-be makers of the UCSF community, we are changing our hours! Our current hours of 2-6 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday will become 12-4 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday. NEW HOURS: Monday Wednesday Friday 12-4 PM See you there!

Creating a 3D Printed Sign for the Makers Lab

new sign for MakersLab

We wanted to create our own sign for the Makers Lab rather than have it commercially made. The newly installed sign (pictured) was  printed entirely in the lab using our 3D printers. It was based on our logo, designed by Kemi Amin, and I used SketchUp (CAD software) to create the 3D model for printing.

Printing Prosthetic Hands to Support a Worthy Cause

3D printed prosthetic Hand

Ever since 3D printers were made available in the Library, I’ve wanted to join eNABLE, a volunteer organization, and help support their efforts to make prosthetic hands for those in need. I completed my first 3D-printed hand a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to be able to share that it passed inspection, and I have been added to the list of eNABLE hand makers. I am really looking forward to working with the matching team … Read more

Prototyping for Ophthalmology Research

3D printed test tube container

Have you ever wished that you had the perfect tool for your research needs? Well, you are not alone. Now you can create your own lab accessories right here in our library, and that is exactly what Jill Mankoff did. Jill, a high school student from Nueva School and a volunteer summer intern in Dr. Jay Stewart’s Lab, designed a test tube container using Autodesk Fusion360 and 3D printed it in the Makers Lab today. It will be used … Read more

Makers Lab Opening Week was a Success. Hail the Return of the TAZ!

Taz 3D printer

We completed our first official week of being open without problems. No fires or explosions (kidding)! Several members of the UCSF community, excited and interested in the possibilities, stopped by to see what was going on.  We are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2-6pm and want YOU to stop by and see what we have and what we hope the Makers Lab will be. There is a UCSF Library staff member on duty while the lab … Read more