Citation Management

Citation Management

Citation Management Software

Citation management software, also known as reference management or personal bibliographic management software, helps you:

  • capture and manage bibliographic citations
  • use citations with a word processing document to generate bibliographies, such as a list of references in a scholarly manuscript

Some of these applications are also evolving into document management systems, allowing you to manage and store PDFs and other documents, in addition to the citations.

GUIDE: See EndNote, RefWorks and Related Software for detailed information.

EndNote and RefWorks are widely used by UCSF faculty and students, and the Library provides training and support. However, we also provide basic information on others gaining popularity such as Zotero, Mendeley, and Papers.

RefWorks or EndNote: Which Software is Right for Me?

The most significant differences:

  • RefWorks is totally web-based, easy to learn, and free to the UCSF community.
  • EndNote must be purchased and installed on your computer, but has more features, is more customizable, and has more options for managing PDFs and other documents.

UCSF affiliates have limited access to EndNote Web, a stripped-down, web-based version of EndNote.

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