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Database Description Availability Mobile More Information
F1000Prime Expert recommendations and ratings of important biology and medicine articles. UCSF Only More Information
Facts & Comparisons eAnswers Quickly identify answers to drug questions UCSF Only More Information
Faculty of 1000 Supports and informs the work of life scientists and clinicians UCSF Only More Information
Farber Gravestone Collection Gravestone photographs and rubbings UC Only More Information
FDSYS Federal Digital System United States Government Publications Online Repository Public More Information
Film Index International Film index with biographies UC Only More Information
film literature index Index of film literature Public More Information
FOODnetBASE Full-text scientific handbooks concerning food science UC Only More Information
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports FBIS daily reports issued by the U.S. Government UC Only More Information
FRANCIS Humanities, social sciences, economics UC Only More Information
Freida Online (Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive) Fellowship and residency information. Public More Information