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Database Description Availability Mobile More Information
bioRxiv Open access preprints in the life sciences Public More Information
BRENDA Comprehensive enzyme information system. Public More Information
Current Protocols Methods for scientific research UCSF Only More Information
e-EROS Database of chemical reactions and the most frequently consulted reagents. UC Only More Information
Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) Software and biological knowledge base for interpretation of genomic and proteomic data. UCSF Only More Information
Methods in Enzymology Protocols and descriptions of biochemical and biophysical techniques. UC Only More Information
reaxys In-depth chemical substance and reaction data particularly useful for compound synthesis. Reaxys includes three core chemistry information databases: Beilstein, Gmelin, and Patent Chemistry Database. UC Only More Information
Science of Synthesis Organic and organometallic synthetic methods. UC Only More Information
Science Signaling Electronic communities, current awareness, and unique tools for researchers in specific fields. UCSF Only More Information
SciFinder Scholar Chemistry literature and chemical substance information UC Only More Information
Springer Protocols Laboratory protocols in the life and biomedical sciences UC Only More Information