Full text drug information databases.


Helps you:

  • Determine dosing, side effects, and interactions
  • Identify drugs

The MICROMEDEX® Healthcare Series of databases is primarily a drug information system and is considered one of the most authoritative resources available.

  • Full-text databases on chemical, pharmaceutical, and related biological substances used in clinical patient care
  • Covers teratogenicity, toxicology, alternative medicine, and pharmaceutical information
  • Includes drug reviews, guidelines, clinical reviews, and information from package inserts and drug texts

Titles or Tools included:

  • Drug Comparison; Drug Identification; Drug Interactions
  • Red Book Online
  • Trissel's IV Compatibility
  • Tox & Drug Product Lookup


  • For PalmOS and PocketPC
  • Answers to questions about drugs, alternative medicines, and emergency conditions

Access funded by the UCSF Medical Center.