Noise Policy: Parnassus Campus Library

Noise Policy: Parnassus Library

The Parnassus Library is committed to providing an environment conducive to study, research, and collaboration. We strive to maintain a balance among the variety of uses of the Library's resources: individual study, group study, collaborative projects, technology assistance, research consultations,and library business transactions at service desks. To facilitate this, we have designated four different types of zones located throughout the Library.

Zone Expectations Benefits
Quiet Study

Quiet study, no talking or socializing.

Use of mobile devices is limited to silent mode and quiet typing.

Quiet and calming environment for intensive study, reflection, problem solving, and other complex work that requires deep concentration.
Considerate Study

Quiet study individually or in small groups with only minimal talking allowed.

Productive study for those who prefer a low level of noise while working.
Active Learning

Interactive study with moderate talking allowed.

Engage in group activities without disturbing others who are learning.
Mobile Friendly
Areas for mobile device use away from study zones. Make calls without disturbing others who are learning.


It is the policy of the UCSF Library to maintain an appropriate academic atmosphere in order to fulfill its mission to the University, and compliance with library policies helps to ensure an atmosphere conducive to study and research. Violations of the Library's noise policy can be reported to the nearest Service Desk for staff assistance. Users who fail to comply with this policy may be asked to move to a more appropriate area or, if they refuse to comply, to leave the building.