Users with Disabilities

Users with Disabilities

The Library has a variety of services to accommodate UCSF students with disabilities. Efforts have been made to have our building accessible to everyone. Staff will work with students on a case-by-case basis whenever possible to meet individual needs. Please plan ahead for assistance with special services.

Library Material Verification and Retrieval Services

Stop by the Service Desk, 3rd floor (building entry level), before you get started using library services. Have your UCSF campus identification card with you. Every effort will be made to assist you in an expeditious manner; however, existing workloads will be taken into consideration. The Library cannot guarantee provision of services on demand. Assistance will be provided for those activities that you are not able to complete on a self-service basis.

Email any questions you have or call in advance for best service.

Staff at the Service Desk can assist you with verifying call numbers. Generally, 5 citations per day can be readily verified. Service Desk staff will also contact someone from our Stacks staff to see if it will be possible to pick up materials for you that day. In some cases, you may be asked to put requests in priority order.

If you do request that materials be picked up, they will be picked up and taken to the Service Desk. These materials will generally be ready within 1-4 hours of your request. Please check back at the desk or call 476-2336 to verify that your materials are available.

Photocopy Services

If you require assistance with copying materials at the Library, the materials will be taken to the Copy Services Office (main floor, Room 327). These materials will usually be ready for pick-up 4-24 hours after you make your request. Items will be copied for you by Library staff at the self-service rate if you are prevented from copying materials yourself. Drop by Copy Services or call 476-8128 to get a status report on your materials and to arrange payment. Copy Services staff can also assist you with non-Library photocopying at self-service rates. How quickly materials can be photocopied will depend on the Service's current workload and the amount of material you need copied.

Proxy Borrowing Services

You can designate proxies who may borrow material, place holds and renewals, and perform certain other library business on your behalf. Up to 3 individuals, usually affiliated with UCSF, may be registered as proxies for each student. Each proxy will be issued a Library Borrower Account that will be attached to your Borrower Account. Book pick-up notifications, overdue notices, or other Library correspondence will be mailed directly to you, not your proxy.

Application forms for this service are available at the Parnassus Service Desk, 3rd (ground) floor, or call 476-2336 to request that forms be mailed to you.

Other Services

Other specialized services may also be provided. For example, we have stored custom chairs and other equipment for students' use in the Library. Please inquire as early as possible to allow us time to prepare.

Contact Andy Panado, (415) 502-4178, with any concerns, requests, or suggestions.