David Owen, M.L.S., Ph.D.

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Education Coordinator and Senior Information Consultant
Education and Information Services

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Library and Center for Knowledge Management
University of California, San Francisco
530 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94143-0840

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School of Pharmacy
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Database searching (e.g., MEDLINE, INSPEC, BIOSIS, Chemical Abstracts)
Molecular biology/genetics resources on the Internet
Biotechnology information
Drug information resources
Complementary and alternative medicine resources
Personal information management
Reprint file management (e.g., EndNote & RefWorks)

Selected Papers & Publications: 

Books & Book Chapters

Owen, David J. Internet Guide to Herbal Remedies. The Haworth Herbal/Information Press, 2006.
Owen, David J., Persily, Gail L., and Babbitt, Patricia. "An Informatics Course for First-Year Pharmacy Students." In: Connor, Elizabeth, ed., A Guide to Developing End User Education Programs in Medical Libraries. Haworth Information Press, 2005.

Owen, David J. The Herbal Internet Companion: Herbs and Herbal Medicine Online. The Haworth Herbal/Information Press, 2002. (Winner of the International Herb Association's 2002 Book Award.)

Journal Articles

Saxton, J.D. and Owen, D.J., "Developing Optimal Search Strategies for Finding Information on Herbs and Other Medicinal Plants in MEDLINE." Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine. 2005 August; 11(4): 725-31.
Owen, David J. and Fang, Min-Lin, "Information Seeking Behavior in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): an Online Survey of Faculty at a Health Sciences Campus." Journal of the Medical Library Association. 2003 July; 91(3): 311-21.


Owen, David J. "Librarian-Faculty Collaborations in Pharmacogenetics: New Vistas in Drug Therapy and Scholarly Communication." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association, Dallas, TX, May 2002.
Owen, David J.; Babbitt, Patricia; Persily, Gail. "An Informatics Course for First-Year Pharmacy Students." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association, Orlando, FL, May 2001.