Tobacco Documents Bibliography

Tobacco Documents Bibliography

Cites publications based on research and analysis of tobacco industry documents.

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Newly Added - November and December 2014

Evans-Reeves KA, Hatchard JL, Gilmore AB. ‘It will harm business and increase illicit trade’: an evaluation of the relevance, quality and transparency of evidence submitted by transnational tobacco companies to the UK consultation on standardised packaging 2012. Tobacco Control 2014 December 03.

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Hurt RD, Murphy JG, Dunn WF. Did we finally slay the evil dragon of cigarette smoking in the late 20th century?: Unfortunately, the answer is no—the dragon is still alive and well in the 21st century and living in the third world. shame on us! Chest 2014 December 1;146(6):1438-1443.

Kamal A, Cincinelli A, Martellini T, Malik R. A review of PAH exposure from the combustion of biomass fuel and their less surveyed effect on the blood parameters. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2014 11/21:1-23.

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Warner KE, Pollack H. The Nicotine Fix - America’s cigarette addiction may seem to be mostly over. But low-income Americans continue to smoke—and die—at alarming rates. A radical new strategy could help them quit once and for all. Nov 2014. The Atlantic.

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