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Tobacco Documents Bibliography

Tobacco Documents Bibliography

Cites publications based on research and analysis of tobacco industry documents.

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Newly Added - January and February 2014

Brown-Johnson CG, England LJ, Glantz SA, Ling PM. Tobacco industry marketing to low socioeconomic status women in the USA. Tobacco Control 2014 January 21.

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Mashey J. Koch Industries Hires Tobacco Operative Steve Lombardo to Lead Communications and Marketing. Jan 10 2014,

Peeters S, Gilmore AB. Understanding the emergence of the tobacco industry's use of the term tobacco harm reduction in order to inform public health policy. Tobacco Control 2014 January 22.

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Tan YL, Foong K. Tobacco industry tangos with descriptor ban in Malaysia. Tobacco Control 2014 January 01;23(1):84-87.

Xiao Z, Lu JR. Strategies for enhancing fermentative production of acetoin: A review. Biotechnol. Adv. 2014(0).

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