About Wiki@UCSF

A wiki is a website that users can edit. You can use it to collaborate, create documentation and share information with other users.

Getting Started

Go to Wiki@UCSF

  • You will see the dashboard and public areas. Click the 'Log In' link at the top right of the screen to log in.  If you see your name or account number instead of the Log In link, you're already logged in.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - get more information about the wiki
  • Request a New Wiki Space - create a new space for your group or project

Wiki@UCSF Use Policies

  • All wiki spaces must be directly related to furthering the mission of UCSF. Spaces may not be used for commercial purposes, unlawful activities, or personal financial gain. Please refer to the UC Electronic Communications Policy.
  • Each space must have a Space Administrator who is UCSF faculty or staff.
  • To log in, UCSF users must enter their MyAccess account credentials. Users at certain other universities may log in with their campus equivalent of a MyAccess account. Other users may request a UCSF Guest MyAccess account.
  • No content containing Protected Health Information (PHI) may be posted.
  • No content containing copyrighted material may be posted unless there is proof that permission has been granted for use of the materials.
  • Published articles must be linked to from within the wiki space; articles may not be copied into the wiki.