• Fund on hold: pending a review of the program and additional funds.

Open Access Fund - Eligibility & Guidelines

Eligibility & Guidelines

Eligibility: Any current UCSF faculty (salaried), post-doc, fellow, resident, graduate student, or professional student (SOD, SOM, SON, SOP) may apply for funds. Faculty without salary are not eligible. Because we have a limited amount of funds for this pilot, we ask that you only apply for funds if you have no alternative funding source such as grant or departmental funds to cover the open access (OA) publishing fee.

UCSF scholars are encouraged to include open access article processing charges (APCs) in their grant proposals. See this guide to biomedical funder policies on covering OA-related charges.

Publication Criteria: Publications must be made freely available at the time of initial publication. Embargo periods for open access will not be covered. OA articles may be either in fully OA journals or in "hybrid" OA journals - subscription journals whereby authors pay a fee to make their article OA (often referred to as "open choice").

  • Journal articles must be published in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.
  • OA journals must be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • Whether fully or hybrid OA, journals must apply policies and practices consistent with the OASPA's Code of Conduct.
  • Books must be peer-reviewed.
  • Theses and dissertations must be associated with the UCSF Graduate Division.

Types of Publications & Amount Covered:

  1. Open access journal articles processing charges (APCs):
    • Up to $2,000 per article in a fully OA journal.
    • Up to $1,000 per article in a hybrid OA journal.
  2. Open access books: Contact the Library for more information about fees.
  3. Open access to your individual electronic thesis or dissertation in Proquest's database - $95 (fee for one ETD).

A maximum of one publication charge per individual and two publications per lab will be reimbursed for the duration of the pilot.

We are not accepting applications at this time, pending a review of the program and additional funds.
Please Contact the Library to be notified if funds become available again.

Application Process: Requests for funding may be made before a work has been submitted or accepted for publication, or upon acceptance but before publication. The Library will review your application and provide you with a funding decision within five business days.

If you decide to submit your work to a different publisher than the one in the original application form, please submit a new application and let us know it is a revised application in the Comments field.

Payment Process: Once the publication charge has been approved for funding, the author may pay the OA publication fee directly to the publisher and submit proof of payment to the Library. The Library will reimburse the author the approved amount using the campus recharge process, or via check as necessary. For publication fees covered wholly by the Library, author may submit an unpaid publisher invoice for payment by the Library.

Reimbursement/payment will only be honored for the publication matching the information provided in the application for funds. For approved charges that are not claimed within six months, the Library will contact you to determine if the funds are still needed.

N.B. The UCSF Open Access Publishing Fund is a pilot program and is subject to internal funding constraints. If demand exceeds the amount of available funds, the Library reserves the right to revise the funding caps for any unapproved applications. The pilot period runs through December 31, 2013, or so long as funds remain.

Feedback: Your feedback about this fund and pilot is invaluable to our evaluation, so we will send a brief survey to all participants.

Contact the Library with any questions about the fund.