Research Software Licensing (RSL)

Research Software Licensing

Research Software Licensing (RSL) offers annual licenses for research software to UCSF faculty and staff.

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Available Software

  • SAS includes a large library of utilities and procedures for managing, analyzing, and presenting data
  • SPSS has a spreadsheet-type data entry window, statistical analysis capabilities, and graphics
  • JMP is interactive software for visualizing statistical results and performing exploratory data analysis
  • SUDAAN analyzes data from complex sample surveys and other observational and experimental studies involving repeated measures and cluster-correlated data
  • NVivo facilitates qualitative research using unstructured information such as field notes, interview transcripts and survey responses
  • ArcGIS is geographic information system software for viewing, manipulating, and analyzing spatial data
  • Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) software and biological knowledge base for interpretation of genomic and proteomic data