Help Desk

Help Desk

For in-person assistance, please stop by the Parnassus Library (CL240) or call (415) 476-4309. We are available Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm.

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The door is locked. How do I get in?

  • Computing spaces require UCSF ID badges for access.
  • Only UCSF students, faculty and personnel have access.
  • If you have been issued a new card because your UCSF ID was lost or stolen, only the new card will work with the door ID Card readers. Please contact the UCSF Police for any ID card access-related issues: (415) 476-1414.

How do I login?

Login to library computers with your Active Directory account.

  • Campus accounts: UCSF email login & password
  • SOM accounts: SOM\username & email password
  • Medical Center accounts: UCSFMC\username & email password

Need assistance with your login?

  • Visit the Help Desk
  • Contact the UCSF IT Service Desk: 415-514-4100

I need help with my mail@UCSF account.

Call the UCSF IT Service Desk at (415) 514-4100. They will reset your password. Once you have a valid password, please enroll your account using the Password Management Tool. Enrolling will allow you to unlock your account and reset your password online.


What kinds of printing services are available?

The Library's printing service provides laser printing for a fee. All computers are configured to print. You will need to add money to your printing account in order to print. 

Color printing is available to UCSF students, faculty, and staff in the Parnassus Library CL230 + CL231 computing space only.

Can I print on special paper?

UCSF Documents, Media & Mail can copy to a variety of media. In the Library, do not print on anything other than the plain white paper that is provided. Other materials, including letterhead, may cause mechanical failures.