AIDS History Collections Document 30 Years of Epidemic


The UCSF Library Archives & Special Collections holds a set of primary resources relating to the 30-year fight against the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco.

San Francisco was particularly hard hit by AIDS, and community-based organizations (CBOs) began to develop here early on to care for the sick and the dying. Within the first few years of onset of the crisis, a highly effective, collaborative network of city and state agencies, hospitals, health care providers, and CBOs developed. A large array of services evolved to help people affected by HIV.

The UCSF AIDS History Project began in 1987 as a collaboration of historians, archivists, AIDS activists, and others collaborating to promote the preservation of historically significant resources relating to the beginning of the AIDS Epidemic in San Francisco, focusing on the responses by CBOs within the city, as well as activists' coalitions.

As a result, 28 AIDS-related collections -- including posters, legal documents, correspondence, and assorted public health materials -- are available for reference use. If you are interested in seeing these materials, please contact the UCSF Library Archives & Special Collections

Image: AIDS History Project, Ephemera Collection.

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