In Plain Sight: New Blog Helps You Manage Information


The education and reference librarians at the UCSF Library have launched a new, co-authored blog, In Plain Sight. Highlighting ways to access, manage, present, and publish information, the blog is intended for faculty, researchers, clinicians, and students.

Weekly posts provide tips for:

  • research (e.g., searching databases, PubMed, Google, mobile apps)
  • citation management (e.g., RefWorks, EndNote)
  • other relevant topics -- improving your PowerPoint presentation style; the best place to publish your research paper; understanding copyright issues.

The blog is a spin-off of the Medical Education Literature Searching blog, which is mainly targeted to the medical school population. In Plain Sight provides information that will benefit a wider, interprofessional audience.

Recent posts include:

We welcome your comments and suggestions as to what types of information you'd like to learn about.

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