Scopus: Access Ends December 31


The UC libraries' trial access to Scopus, a medical abstract and citation database, will end on December 31, 2010.

The cancellation is a UC system-wide decision made after extensive review, evaluation, and comparison with competitors. Factors that led to this decision include existing widespread usage of comparable, high-quality databases; high ongoing license costs, without perpetual rights to the data; severe collection budget constraints, including cancellation of some important journal subscriptions; and relatively low usage throughout the trial period.

The UCSF community has found Scopus to be a useful resource, and the Library is investigating ways to license this resource for the UCSF campus. We will continue to support other citation indexes such as Web of Science and Google Scholar.

If you are interested in helping the Library retain this resource, please contact Julia Kochi, Director of Digital Library and Collections at the UCSF Library.

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