Journals Being Considered for Cancellation


Due to significant budget cuts across the UC system, the UCSF Library must cut online journal titles more aggressively than in the past. Journal subscription costs represent the single largest amount of the Library's collection budget. For 2011, the UC Library system is coordinating a review of several publisher journal packages that are up for renewal in order to bring costs down.

The goal of the review is to identify low-use, low-impact journals for cancellation while preserving high quality journals and those that serve unique programs. For the titles that are selected for cancellation, content from previous years will still be accessible online.

Publisher packages being reviewed this year are SAGE, Springer, and Nature Publishing Group (NPG). Please be sure to read the news about the situation that UC is facing with NPG. In addition to online journals, the Library is also recommending a select group of print journals for cancellation.

Please see the details about the titles under consideration for cancellation. Input from faculty about individual titles is invaluable as we go through this process. The first deadline for comments is Monday, July 12, for NPG and Springer titles.

Please contact Julia Kochi if you have questions about the journal cancellation process and/or comments about titles that you think we need to retain.

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