Selected Online Journals Canceled


Due to significant budget cuts across the UC system, the UC Libraries were required to cut online journal titles more aggressively than in the past. A review was coordinated across the UC Library system of several journal packages up for renewal in 2010. The Libraries canceled current subscriptions to a number of low-use, low-impact journals in order to bring costs down.

Altogether, UCSF lost access to 115 online journals in 2010. Content from previous years will still be accessible online. The UCSF Library made a concerted effort to keep the highest value and most relevant titles for the UCSF community in these publisher packages:

  • Informa Healthcare
  • Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW)
  • Mary Ann Liebert
  • Taylor & Francis

View details of the 2010 Journal Cancellation Project.

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