Moving Day: Second Floor Closes for TLC Construction


On December 16 the Parnassus Library's 2nd floor will close for the year-long construction of the new Teaching and Learning Center, which opens in January 2011. Several library services are moving to new locations as a result of this move:

  • Both the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) and Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) are moving to a temporary space in the renovated East Asian Room on the 5th floor. Both labs will be unavailable until January 4 due to the move. During this time, ILC users can use the labs in S165 and Mission Bay’s FAMRI Library. See TLC Site Visit blog [link removed] for additional info about the interim Tech Commons.
  • The Copy/Cashier office is moving to the 3rd floor, near the main service desk and current journals. Photocopiers will now be available on all floors.
  • The Interlibrary Loan office is moving to the 3rd floor, in the old GALEN room.
  • Study carrels and tables from the 2nd floor will be relocated to new areas of the Library. In particular, some of the index tables in the 3rd floor computing area will be replaced with carrels. Those computers will be temporarily unavailable during the switch.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we get through this move. The new Teaching and Learning Center will be well worth the inconvenience when it opens in 2011, offering a brand new Technology Commons, multiple classrooms, and the Kanbar Simulation Center.

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