PubMed Has a New Look


PubMed has recently redesigned its interface. The functionalities are the same, but the layout is very different:

  • The features that used to be in the left blue menu bar of PubMed are now spread across the middle of the homepage. Popular features in this section are PubMed Tutorials, Single Citation Matcher, Clinical Queries, MeSH Database, and Journals Database.
  • The tabs that used to be below the search box are now under the Advanced Search link to the right of the search box. These features include the Search History and Limits options.
  • When viewing a results page, select the Display Settings link, on the left above the results, to change the results view.
  • To select articles and send them to the Clipboard, click the Send to link, on the right above the results, and select the Clipboard option. A clipboard icon will appear at the upper right to indicate that there are items on the Clipboard.

Get more information about the PubMed redesign. The National Library of Medicine has also created updated PubMed Tutorials detailing how to use the new interface.

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