New Methods for Analyzing Citation Data


On November 9, simulcast to the Rock Hall Auditorium from 12-1:30 pm, Peter Binfield of the Public Library of Science will give a lecture about “article-level metrics.”

It is now possible to measure the worth of an individual article via "article-level metrics" (metrics which include citations, usage, bookmarks, blog coverage, and post publication commentary for a single article). At this time the Public Library of Science (PLoS) leads the world in providing the data to allow this analysis. The ubiquitous "impact factor" for a journal only works at the journal level, and does not measure the impact of an individual article.

In this lecture sponsored by the UCSF and UC Berkeley libraries, Dr. Binfield will discuss Article Level Metrics: What They Are and Why You Should Care. [A link has been added to the archived presentation at the PLoS ONE community blog.]

Photo by dullhunk, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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